Welcome to my personal site! I'll be blogging primarily about my 3D printer's antics, although academic and personal matters may occasionally make an appearance. Click for more about me and my projects!

  • Project Rapid: 3D printing the harnessing model

    These past few quarters, I’ve been working on structures for Project Rapid’s Blue Dawn mission, a magnetohydrodynamic pump in a 2U CubeSat form factor that’ll hitch a ride on a Blue Origin rocket later this year. In order to assist the electronics team, we’ve 3D printed a harnessing model—it’s so small!

  • Shoe repair: heel replacement

    Heel, toe, on the line—will you be my Valentine? -Children’s song

  • IDEA Hacks Recap

    I had a great time at IDEA Hacks last weekend! I worked with a group of my fellow students (and total strangers!) for 36 hours on an automatic revolving battery charger. Check out my writeup here!

  • TPU, TPMe

    “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.” -Dory, Finding Nemo (2003)

  • On mental health and stuff, Part 2.

    Thanks to the recent Skirball fires, school was cancelled, including the last day of the quarter for some classes. I thought that I was going to be productive with the time that I gained, motivated by the impending doom of finals, but that wasn’t the case. I felt so much inertia—during the 1.5 days without school, I didn’t walk down the hill or go to campus AT ALL, and took twice as long to do a single homework assignment. Even though I was in my room, I didn’t run my printer at all.

  • On mental health and stuff, Part 1.

    The aftermath of a 23 unit quarter and then some. I’ll be reflecting about the quarter over the next few blog posts, so the future version of myself won’t make the same mistakes.

  • The Baby, so far

    Among my roommates, my 3D printer has acquired the nickname “The Baby” due to it requiring constant supervision, the grave possibility of self inflicted harm (e.g., setting itself on fire), and the noises it makes.

  • Oh, where's my hairbrush?

    Today was the first day I got to brush my hair since moving in last weekend!

  • First Print Fridays

    The rollerblade side panel is close to the size of the print bed—it barely fits with a 1 mm brim—so it’s crucial that the filament sticks as soon as it’s laid down. After some false starts with poor bed adhesion, I finally got the print to stick. Turns out it wasn’t a problem with the filament, or the nozzle clogging (again), but with the levelness of the build plate.

  • Vroom vroom

    A (debatably) better human transportation device for my time at UCLA.

  • TI-84 Dissection

    Got an old TI-84 from a friend. Doesn’t turn on, and tried everything TI suggested. Solution? The power of Youtube, and crappy soldering.

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