Today was the first day I got to brush my hair since moving in last weekend!

I accidentally left my hairbrush at home, and rather than going to the Target just down the street, I decided to print myself a comb for the time being because when you have a hammer, everything’s a nail… As I CADed the comb, I was reminded of one of my favorite songs as a child: for your viewing pleasure, VeggieTales: The Hairbrush Song.

Dimensions were arbitrary—I didn’t use a reference, and planned to scale or respace teeth as necessary. The first print was satisfactory, so I left it as is.

Bottom layer
Bottom layer

Note the dimple in the handle for better grip. Due to print direction and slight incline, there’s some steps on one side of the comb.

Top layer
Top layer

Additionally, there seem to be some mild artifacts due to vibration along the sides of the brush (vs. the ringing issues I’ve been having). While this isn’t a concern for this project, it will be for more precise or detailed prints. I’ll post more as I research and implement solutions for better print quality including that z-brace mod I’ve been intending to do for a while This got me reading about the different ways of finishing 3D printed PLA:

  • XTC 3D (or equivalent epoxy coating)
  • Sanding (even up to 1500 grit!)
  • Spray paint

I’ve already ordered some Amazing Clear Cast, so we’ll see how “amazing” it is when finishing my rollerblade components.

Until next time!